Journal of Management and Governance Symposium and Parallel Session

Track 7: Journal of Management and Governance Symposium and Parallel Session

Evaluation, performance and governance in the digital age


Lino Cinquini (JMG Editor-in-Chief)

Invited speakers

Thomas Bolander (Technical University of Denmark-DTU)

Hanne Nørreklit (Aarhus University)

Repeatedly it is argued that we live in an era of digitalization that is changing human practices including the practice of governance, evaluation and performance management of organizations.

The comprehensive digitalization of the language makes it important for research to explore issues concerning the de-contextualization from specific organizational activities and conditions in the production and use of information for decision-making and performance management.

New issues arise from the pervasive and uncritical use of digital approach in organizations, especially the risk of de-contextualization of data from the specific factual situation and alternative possibilities for actions, which can have important dysfunctional consequences for the individual and organizational performance. When the specific context is neglected in organizational decision-making and performance management, a culture might emerge where “truth” is centralized and the value of truth and trustworthy performance measurement collapse.

In this perspective artificial “intelligence” and Big Data might be indications of that decision-making would be un-contextualized, and that people and local setting may become irrelevant. Thus, if everything is digitalized what are the important consequences for human actors and what are (should be) their roles? How can we develop fair and valid performance management instruments for making managers and employees accountable?

These and other related themes will be developed in the JMG Symposium by the Speakers and in the papers to be presented in the JMG Track 7 of AIDEA2019 conference. Papers (in English) in Track 7 are welcome on such topics:

  • the consequences for human actors and their roles in organizations if everything is digitalized
  • the impacts of digitalization on corporate governance
  • the role of artificial intelligence in corporate governance
  • cybersecurity and corporate governance
  • issues about artificial intelligence and Big Data in decision-making
  • how artificial intelligence will redefine management
  • interaction of human actors with the post-truth culture, where the value of truth and trustworthy performance measurement collapse

The Journal of Management and Governance will welcome submissions on these topics and a number of papers presented in Track 7 will be selected for a Fast-Track process of publication*. 

*The JMG Fast-Track (JMG-FT) review process of publicationgives the opportunity of a paper review process quicker than that of an ordinary submission. The selected paper is immediately inserted in the review process without undergoing the first desk-rejection assessment phase. This formula is applicable to a maximum of 3 papers presented at the workshop/conference/track in which the JMG-FT is accorded. The formula does not guarantee the publication of the submitted paper, which must positively pass the peer-review process.